Our custom glass services allow you to explore an array of glass designs for residential or commercial uses. At Precision Mirror & Glass, we are capable of providing you glass for all sorts of purposes, including tabletops, shelving, railing, windscreens, glass walls, display cases, and much more. What sets us apart from the other companies out there is that we will customize the designs based upon the shape and size you need. This way you never have to settle for what has already been created. We will create a design just for you!

What are the benefits of going custom?

  • Cut exactly to size
  • Quick Turn-around
  • Best in glass materials
  • Unmatched Clarity

We are a leader within our industry and this allows us to set the standards in which everyone else follows. We’re all about the customer experience and that’s why we take the time to learn about your needs and make recommendations. We have worked with residential and commercial customers and have received a considerable amount of repeat business because people have been thrilled with their custom designs.

Our glass fabrication capabilities include but are not limited to

Glass TemperingGlass Bending - Tempering
Painted GlassWater Jet Cutting
BevelingDiamond Polishing
Shape BevelingV Grooving

Glass offers a touch of class that no other material can offer. It’s highly versatile, easy to clean, and looks elegant in any setting. We will work with you to determine what the glass will be used for, the best thickness, any kind of hardware that will be required, and even if you want the glass to be completely see through or if it should be frosted in some way. This will ensure that once it is installed in the setting you have chosen, it will look great. The aesthetics of glass is not one to be missed and we’re here for your design needs.

Let us show you more of what we can create today. Even if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can likely create it for you. Contact us to learn more about our custom glass services!


Standard "Clear Glass" is actually green! Starphire glass is a special, low iron formula that produces a truly clear glass

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