When you are looking for a trendy design element, frameless glass walls can be a perfect solution.

You will be able to define open space more effectively in residential as well as commercial spaces. Glass walls are commonly used in restaurants, hotels, spas, and offices. Designers and architects will use the glass transparency as a way to designate space without closing off an area indefinitely. Modern homes are also using glass wall panels for showers, partitions, sunrooms, and other dividers.

There are a variety of different frameless glass wall options that allow you to create an exceptional design. If you are looking for privacy, there are ways to explore patterned glass, colored glass, as well as frosted glass. If you are looking to keep the space completely open and allow the light to travel from room to room, there is also an ultra-clear glass that we can suggest for you.

At Precision Mirror & Glass, we focus on structural integrity, versatility, and design freedom. You will be able to choose the style, the size, and everything else. We will provide the perfect cut and our team will do all of the installation to ensure that the glass is mounted effectively – over an existing wall or side mounted in order to provide a standalone element. Glass provides an upscale look, but it is also practical and easy too! We also provide a warranty on all of our installations, providing you with peace of mind.

Frameless glass walls can go from floor to ceiling or go halfway up in order to create a unique design element. Our goal is to provide everything custom in order to enhance your decor and make the glass easy to maintain. Learn more about how these walls can be incorporated in your commercial or residential space.


Standard "Clear Glass" is actually green! Starphire glass is a special, low iron formula that produces a truly clear glass

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