Glass tabletops can be created to provide a high end surface for a conference room table, office desk, dining room table, or any other kind of tabletop. Precision Mirror & Glass provides all of the customizations in order for you to get the specific cut, polish, temper, and bevel on the glass surface. It can be delivered to your home or office and installed as needed so that there is no work required on your part. Each and every one of our tabletops are customized, ensuring that it will always meet your specifications.

Glass tabletops are superior to many of the other materials on the market because it can protect your furniture from scratches, nicks, and other possible damage. If you have an older wooden desk or even an antique one, placing a glass tabletop over it can help to protect the investment and prevent scratches, sun damage, scuffs, and even glass rings.

If you have a unique design as the table, stand, or nightstand, the glass tabletop can be used as a way to create a complete surface – and it can be used indoors or outdoors. We offer the chance for you to create something distinctive within your home or office, or renew an old glass table insert with a new one to enhance the overall look.

You can quickly add shine to the room by utilizing glass and it can provide a less permanent solution as compared to paint or stains. It’s a great way to breathe new life into older pieces and we offer a variety of different shapes and sizes. Consider rectangles, squares, circles, and old. We can also create custom shapes should you have something more creative in mind. Our premium glass cutters are capable of meeting all of your specifications, so whether you plan on using the glass tabletop directly on a surface or if you need it to set into an already established frame, we are capable of meeting your needs.


Standard "Clear Glass" is actually green! Starphire glass is a special, low iron formula that produces a truly clear glass

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