Glass windscreens have become just as famous as the celebrities who love the style for their Hollywood Hills homes.   Lately, glass windscreens are becoming a design must for any home or commercial space looking to achieve the completely unobstructed view.  At Precision Mirror & Glass, we have a custom solution designed to accentuate any view or setting.

Our frameless glass windscreen systems provide the truly invisible look.  All our systems are fully supported from the bottom by robust steel fastenings so there are no posts or rails to block a full panoramic view.  Precision Mirror & Glass’s quality stands at the forefront in our glass windscreen products.  We only utilize the best compound of stainless steel in our manufacturing which provides excellent weather resistance and extends the life of our products.  All of our glass solutions are available in multiple finishes and don’t forget to ask about our exclusive hardware finishes as well!

We offer custom windscreen solutions for any project, regardless of the size.  Precision Glass Windscreens are perfect for enclosing your pool, lining the perimeter of your home, balconies, or any application in which you want to designate space but preserve the view.  You can choose to provide the specifications or we will do the measuring on our own. Our goal is for the glass to fit perfectly and meet or exceed the regulations in place for glass windscreens.  All our products are designed and produced to satisfy the strictest safety codes.  Quality and safety are our number one concern on any glass product you choose to incorporate in your NY, NJ, or PA home or office.

At Precision Mirror & Glass, our goal is to provide attractive, easy to maintain glass fitted for your home or commercial application.  Learn more about how we can create a custom glass windscreen fabrication intended to meet your design requirements.


Standard "Clear Glass" is actually green! Starphire glass is a special, low iron formula that produces a truly clear glass

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