Glass railings can provide an elegant look to your home or business. Our unique expertise allows you to create a custom design for a glass handrail or guardrail. It adds an incredible feature to the architecture within the interior of the building and you can rely on Precision Mirror & Glass to provide all of the customizations that you may require.

We will be able to come out to your home or office and make the necessary measurements, provide recommendations on designs and styles, and, upon cutting all of the glass, we will be able to install it all for you. The glass railing can be combined with aluminum or steel hardware and we will discuss various decorative options, including whether the glass will be frosted or clear, if it will have a beveled edge, and what the thickness of the glass should be.

When you want a luxurious feature within your home or office, glass railings can be just what you are looking for. We are aware of the current trends using glass and we are also cognizant of the need for quality within your location. We have designed a number of glass railings for residential and commercial customers in the past and look forward to being able to do the same for you.

Regardless of whether you are looking to create a glass railing to coincide with railings that are already in place or you are creating new construction, we will help you every step of the way. Glass can be a great building material when you are looking to be eco-friendly because of its sustainability – and it may get you one step closer to having a green building. It is also decorative enough that people will take notice of what you have created and will talk about it long after they leave your location.


Standard "Clear Glass" is actually green! Starphire glass is a special, low iron formula that produces a truly clear glass

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